Focus On Pitlochry

Pitlochry is a small town in Perthshire, popular with holiday makers and tourists who often use it as a base for exploration of the central region of Scotland. The local area is popular with walkers and climbers who can access a number of nearby walking routes along with hills and mountains such as Ben Vrackie. […]

2017 Set For Record Midge Numbers

Scotland doesn’t have a lot in the way of dangerous wildlife, but one nasty critter that many visitors will come across is the Scottish Biting Midge. These come in massive swarms and are especially associated with the Highlands but can be found anywhere, especially in shady places near water. Unfortunately it looks like this year […]

Banff Tornado Wrecks Games

It’s probably fair to say that Scotland doesn’t always have the best of weather – we get more than our fair share of wind and rain. However one thing we don’t usually suffer from is tornadoes. Usually. Last weekend there was a ‘mini-tornado’ in Cornhill, near Banff in Aberdeenshire. The unusual meteorological phenomenon appeared on […]

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